Worked with Mr. Heston back in 2016 and 2017. Everyone in his office was very nice and professional. Can’t recommend him enough. This is the Lewis family

C. Lewis

Would like to thank Ben H. for his great help in my bankruptcy. In particular, his paralegal Elmer who was outstanding. Knowledgeable, quick to respond to my concerns and emails and extremely compassionate towards my situation.- why is he not an attorney yet with this firm? ūüôā Thank you both.


Mr. Benjamin Heston did a great job for us, communications were prompt, and thorough, very professional. We provided our required information, and he took care of the rest. I highly recommend Mr. Benjamin Heston for your legal matters in his field of expertise. A personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy is nothing I would ever want to go through, but Benjamin made it a smooth and painless experience.


Benjamin Heston is genuine and compassionate. It may be his job but he doesn’t make you feel like he’s after your money. He was kind and understanding during a time where circumstances were not so kind and understanding. He’s really awesome because he helped me acquire a new start, for the sake of my children and our future. I’m so grateful that the Lord guided me to Ben Heston, I went through 3 consultations before finding Ben. And I’m glad I did my research.

Hai S.

We were at a point where our financial affairs had reached an oppressive state of affairs. We found Ben’s firm online and decided to take advantage of his free consultation. We did our homework and had a slug of questions and not just a few concerns about the whole bankruptcy process, which is not without consequences.
From the beginning, Ben and his firm were everything we could have hoped for. Ben made an unpleasant necessity as painless as possible. He provided us with thorough information on our options and totally explained the process and what we could expect and he did so honestly, knowledgeably, empathetically and with a degree of grace we truly appreciated. We were particularly impressed with having our questions and concerns along the way addressed in a very timely and serious fashion; all this and his fees were completely reasonable, too! We would, and have recommended Ben to others who have been equally well served.


Ben Heston is a phenomenal Bankruptcy attorney.  His entire staff really goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome in their office, assure you that filing bankruptcy is not a big deal (thousands do it, including the rich and famous) and really do their best to make the process as easy as possible.  They were easy to work out a payment plan with and the price was very reasonable.  So happy we found him and have referred others to contact this office.

Alicia A.

Ben is the most helpful attorney ever! He helped with an expedited request that I needed and was on top of his game through the whole process. He was accessible at all times and provided solutions at every opportunity! I highly recommend him for your BK needs, he’s professional and extremely helpful.

Gina A.

Very helpful law office!
I cannot recommend this attorney and his staff enough!
They made this bankruptcy easier than I thought and cheaper than most others.
If you are thinking of bankruptcy definitely call Heston and Heston! Best thing that’s happened to me in 2020!
Thank you Ben and Yanira.

Alfred G.

Ben was a wonderful Attorney, he made sure all my questions were answered, honest, friendly, loyal, and connects really quick whenever you needed anything. I highly recommend him, you won’t be let down.

Tracy K.

Benjamin Heston was an amazing attorney.  I went into my bankruptcy blinded and had no idea what I was doing.  It was because of his patience and guidance I was able to understand the whole process and move forward.  From the moment you walk into the door and greeted by the secretary to the moment you sit down and speak with him, it feels like a very homey environment.  Due to certain circumstances I had to bring my 6 year old with me and Ben took the time to make sure my son was entertained as well.  They worked with me on the upfront price and my overall pricing from start to finish.  I would definitely recommend this place for anyone considering bankruptcy options.

David B.

Ben Heston, thank you for all you’ve done in assisting me with my bankruptcy. You made the the whole process go smoothly and efficiently. I’ve told my friends and family about my great experience and I’ll continue to do so.


I was referred to Heston and Heston Law Office by another attorney. Despite my situation that brought me to them, Benjamin made the entire experience smooth and eased a lot of my anxiety. He was very professional genuine and personable. All of my questions were answered and my concerns addressed whether by Ben Heston, Mrs. Heston (mother)or their  paralegal. I would definitely recommend Heston and Heston Law Office. Thank you to all of you guys!!

Kesa W.

Where do I begin my praises for this company? Let us start from the beginning…. When my husband and I started to look for a Bankruptcy company that can help us, you can only imagine the shame and the anxiety of calling and talking to someone about very personal stuff. We called a couple of bankruptcy companies, some, we got their assistants, some said we would get a call back but, others we did and others never heard back. With Heston & Heston, I was actually surprised to get a call back from Ben Heston directly. He was so friendly and so inviting, that he made me feel really comfortable in sharing with him our situation. He took the time to listen, took notes and made me feel I had all the time in the world to talk to him. At that point, we had other calls that were rushed and felt so systematic. We did got calls back from other companies and after their evaluation they said, that we can file for Chapter 13 and not Chapter 7. With Ben, he evaluated our case and actually created and recommended different plans for us, pros and cons for each one. That was such a powerful thing to do as he gave us options that felt like we had control over. With his recommendation, we decided on waiting for a few months, just to make sure that we can file for Chapter 7, with no issues. If he didn’t do this, we may have just gone with other companies and accepted Chapter 13. It was a process for sure, but not once did we feel like we were by ourselves. Ben would personally reach out to us to give us updates on where we are at, assuring us that we were on the right track. One of the impressive things too, is that he didn’t charge us much, with the amount of work and follow ups that he did along with his team. Not to mention late night calls or early morning ones. What does that say? That he is really there to help, not just for money. But the biggest take away is that Ben Heston and his team, are just genuine people who just care. You can feel the love – at the lowest point of our financial life, we needed this, not just a lawyer to tell us what to do, but that love and understanding… Not once did we ever feel judged but rather we felt so supported along the way. We are happy to say that our case has been closed and we are so grateful and so very blessed that God has led us to Ben Heston and his team. We are recommending him to all of you who are out there trying to choose the right lawyer, you will be in great hands, that is a guarantee from a client. And we will continue to recommend him over and over. We are telling you, you will not regret it. Ben Heston and his team are just the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you Ben Heston and Team, you made a tremendous impact in our lives, we appreciate you!

Maria G.

I extremely happy with the service I received from Ben Heston he such a professional. He answered all my questions and came through with the result he promised. Will honestly be referring him and his legal services to my peers. Thank you Ben once again.

Vannessia R.

I just wanted say thank you Ben and your staff for helping us through this sensitive process. You helped my husband and I through this without any issues. Your prompt responses to our so many questions was greatly appreciated. I would  refer Ben and his office.

Alicia C.

Even during COVID, Attorney Ben Heston was patient and helpful during the whole process of filing bankruptcy. He was responsive and made things simple and much easier than I first though. Ben and Yanira were wonderful.

Brandon B.

Ben Heston is one of the most trustworthy and helpful lawyers I have ever met. Anytime I had a question or issue he was very quick to reply even if it was over the weekend. I have dealt with different types of lawyers in my life and every single one of them made me feel as if money was what was most important to them but not Ben. He immediately makes you feel like he is not just a lawyer but also a friend with how much he goes out of his way to answer any questions or address any issues you might have. I would highly recommend Ben if you are in need of a good lawyer.

Jay V.

Couldnt have asked for a better lawyer. Knew the law and handled the situation with confidence. Delivered results. True professional. A+++


I needed fast filling, within one day. I contacted Ben at Heston and Heston and he was able to file my chapter 7 Bk all online within the same day! He made it effortless for me and it was smooth all the way through! I highly recommend his services and am extremely pleased with the results!

Gina A.

In a very complicated and emotional process, Ben was very helpful. He broke everything down so that I was able to understand and that made my filing process very easy and painless. Im really glad I entrusted my situation in his hands.


About 2 years ago I found myself in a tough spot financially. I looked around and talked to several attorneys and I decided to go with Ben. Throughout the whole process I was kept up to date on all the proceedings and felt I was important. This firm is anything but a “grindhouse.” You’ll find like I did, that even in the tough times there are still good people who will go the extra mile for their clients like Ben did for me.

Ben and his team are excellent

Kevin M.

Mr Heston was great. He handled my case efficiently and the process was painless because of him. Very responsive to my questions and even to this day, over a year later! He doesn’t hesitate to assist.

Jen F.

Ben was assigned to my case through the public law center,I had no idea who this young man was but soon realized God had sent me an Angel,caring,professional and informed.Ben went far beyond what he was required to do ( even driving me to and from court as I don’t drive) I can’t say enough about him! He has compassion, wisdom, humor and intelligence. He answered all of my questions, was easily accessible and calmed my nerves throughout the entire process. Ben truly cares about YOU and bends over backwards to achieve the best possible outcome. If you have him as a lawyer you may be tempted to break a law just for the chance to work with him again!! I don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to praise him-it’s not possible for me to be any happier, an amazing man with a very bright future!

Jay P. (Ben's first client)

Ben and his firm were great. They replied and answered in a very timely matter. I felt like they were really there to help me and look outnfor my best interest. I would highly recommend Ben.

Yassar F.

This is for people who are going through a most difficult and vulnerable time in their life…
I got involved in a business venture that failed and was faced with having to file for BK… such a difficult time in my life…

I was so lucky to find Atty Ben Heston. Soon as the initial phone consultation I knew he was the right lawyer to see me through it…Spoke with quite a number of different attorneys, most were cold and you could almost always feel as if they only looked at you like you were another number… Some were not only cold but were not knowledgeable enough with the BK proceedings which was the complete opposite of what they claimed in their cites, and some were charging exorbitant amounts of money.

Atty Ben Heston’s firm is very reasonable in their pricing. A true godsend at this time of need…
I was extremely lucky to have found Atty Ben and his family law firm who has decades of experience in this field….not only does Atty Ben Heston have the expertise and skills needed for my complicated case but also the compassion for you as a human being going through one of the most difficult times of your life. Not once did I feel I was wasting his time or as if I was another number… He was always readily available to answer any questions or concerns throughout the process. Not once was he ever difficult to reach.

Atty Heston explained the process thoroughly and assisted me throughout, until the the BK was successfully discharged!

Mind you, other lawyers stated it would be difficult or impossible because of my complicated case… I was so right in trusting Atty Heston…My BK was successfully discharged and I can now leave it all behind me and start my life over… if you are reading this and have fallen in a situation no longer in your control, spare yourself the disregard from other lawyers, spare yourself the ¬†disgrace from them and time wasted. Atty Ben Heston is the best person for what you need. I already experienced it first hand. Spare yourself the pain. Heston and Heston is highly recommended in expertise/experience and exemplary customer service and staff… everyone was so easy to work with..

Thank you Atty Ben Heston for giving me a fresh new start at life and treating me with respect… I want other people to know they have a good and highly skilled Lawyer to rely on…

Camille A.

Thank you so much Benjamin @ Heston & Heston, for an amazing service for me and my husband helping us with our chapter 13  and saving our home and bringing our finances back in track, explaining all the processes and made it a great experience in a stressful situation being  Elderly at 73  and & 74 is hard to find someone with the patience and honesty.
Thank you so much Benjamin Heston.

Maria A.

I just want to say thank you to Ben Heston and his staff!
They handled my case with kindness and respect.
He is so down to earth and yet highly professional!
I really like how seamless he made everything for us!
Words won’t do justice on how much I appreciate
the work he did for us!
I believe he speaks from the heart…and tells it like it is!
And our case was successful!
Thanks again…Heston & Heston!

Drew S.

I had a layman file my bankruptcy who turned out to be totally incompetent. Before the case was dismissed Mr. Heston took over and appealed the dismissal and saved me from losing my home. Mr. Heston was amazing, in that he was knowledgeable, professional and “on top” of my case. I am very grateful.


From the moment you meet Ben you know he cares about people! I really appreciate what Ben has done for me and my family! Considering how tough is was to file a Chapter 13, he really made me feel at ease about everything and all of the timelines were met. Just a really great guy and excellent attorney!!! I would highly recommend him!!!


Ben has been very helpful from the beginning, he allowed for me to make payments towards my service. Was very supportive along the way; made me confident in my decision to file and has since followed up after time has passed and continues to be helpful.

Louie C.

Ben Heston was the attorney who managed my matter and I could not have asked for a better attorney to represent me. It has been a very difficult time in my life, but Ben approached my case with compassion and understanding, and did so for an entirely reasonable price. I would recommend him a thousand times over to anyone.

Brandon J.

Ben was amazing in helping my wife and i decide the different options we had, he even went out of his way and reseached a huge amount of cases in regards to student loans and bankruptcy. Thanks for everything Ben!

Paul G.

Ben and his team are beyond amazing! He was easy to talk to, made me extremely comfortable through the entire process and handled my case professionally. He stayed in touch with me, keeping me updated through the entire process and any time I reached out to him with a question his response was prompt. His team even contacted me by email when my case was discharged … so I didn’t even have to wait to receive the documents by mail. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who is seeking a bankruptcy attorney. Thanks again!

Tamara P.

Making the decision to file bankruptcy is not an easy one but Ben at Heston&Heston really eased our fears. He was kind and compassionate during an emotionally difficult process. Bankruptcy can carry a stigma and can be embarrassing but he never made us feel like we were irresponsible for getting into financial trouble. ¬†Ben was always available through phone and email and he took the time to answer our questions and walk us through the process regardless of how many questions we had. Ben’s office is conveniently located in Riverside near the federal court house but he has access to a wealth of knowledge at the firm’s main office in Orange County so anything he was 100% clear on he could double check for us (we had some tough questions related to VA benefits etc). I would 100% recommend Ben to anyone who is considering bankruptcy. We are now about a year and a half post discharge and are looking to buy a home next summer and that’s something we never could have done with our previous financial situation.

Deanna L.

Without a doubt this Attorney is extremely knowledgeable about Bankruptcy Law, not only the historical aspects of the law, but about very recent Case Law. He is both professional and compassionate. You know he understands the significant emotional impact on his clients from the very experience of having to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
The rates he charges for his services are without a doubt well within reasonable bounds. He worked with us about how to pay for his services.
Benjamin kept us fully informed of all the aspects of our case, and what to expect at each stage. We only had to appear once in our case.
If you need an experienced and compassionate Bankruptcy Attorney, Benjamin Heston is the person to call.

Ronald & Hattie P.

Mr. Heston is the reason why today I believe in angels. I was referred by the Riverside court to a website of top lawyers where I found him. I called Mr. Heston because he was the first one on the list and he took my case! My story touched him! He really made me feel like a person that deserved a fresh start and he took the entire bankruptcy pro Bono. He treated me with respect, always kept me inform of the process and procedures of the bankruptcy. He was always a step ahead. When I had to go in front of the trusty I felt strong and secure because Mr. Benjamin Heston was there letting me know everything would be alright. I thank God for putting him in my path. I believe there are not a lot of people like him out there that are willing to give time to people like me that are in need of a fresh start. I guess I was just lucky. I sincerely and without a doubt would recommend him. He is a very reputable lawyer but more then anything he has what most people lack and that is empathy. He has the capacity to put himself in that persons shoes that is going through a hard time in there life. I felt that with him. Thank you Mr. Heston, I will never forget this. Benjamin Heston has four qualities that makes him a great lawyer and will one day be a great director. Mr Heston is someone with integrity, someone that can be trusted, someone that shows passion for his work and has excellent communication skills. To me that was the perfect combination of a good lawyer and leader. I wish him nothing but the best. Thank you for allowing me to start fresh in life!


Benjamin Richard Heston is part of the Heston & Heston Attorneys-at-Law located in Irvine, CA with a law office in Riverside, CA. Attorney Benjamin was assigned to us by the firm and served our Legal needs with knowledge, understanding, while answering any and all questions raised. He stuck with us during the entire process. Court documents were filed promptly with them all being provided in a timely manner. Benjamin’s advice was heeded and the matter was resolved within months of filing. We recommend Benjamin as he is faithful to his clients and represents them professionally.


Working with Heston and Heston gave me the opportunity to change my life! Working with Ben gave me courage and faith in my ability to regain financial stability.
I recommend Heston and Heston for their ethics, honesty, and complete service to my needs.
I am Grateful that I have not needed to use their service again, but I would in a heartbeat!

Charlotte L.

Ben and his assistant Yani really help me through the whole process they explain everything to me ! Answer all my questions and after speaking with ben I was happy to start my chapter 7 with them! Now me and my family can be stress free no more debts all thanks to them! I full recommend them 100%. I honestly couldn’t be any more happier thank you !

Diane E.

Ben is a super nice guy and knows his stuff. Not judgmental at all, which when you’re having these kind of troubles is very important. He made everything simple including payment options. I am glad I was able to locate him because I lost a retainer to another lawyer on Indiana in Riverside (who shall remain nameless) that said he was handling things but was really not.
With Ben he laid everything out in a way I could understand since I’m not in the legal field. Thanks again Heston and Heston. Definitely recommend.


Heston and Heston really helped me through my legal issues. I felt supported, seen, heard and taken care of. The process was seamless and I would recommend any family/friends who could benefit from legal help to consider Heston & Heston. Particularly, Ben Heston is a wonderful attorney who is respectful, knowledgeable, and dependable.

April M.

I have been wanting to write this review for Mr. Heston for some time. However, I have found it hard to put into words just how much peace-of-mind using  his services has brought to my life. Going through a bankruptcy has the potential to be an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. I was very anxious about finding an attorney and had meetings with several.  Mr. Heston really stuck out to me as he seemed so caring and non-judgmental, and he was very knowledgeable about chapter 13 bankruptcy. After retaining his services, I learned that my first impression could not have been more accurate. Not only is he a genuinely nice person, but he also seems to really enjoy his work and helping people like myself start over and move on.  He was great at keeping me up to date with the status of my case and he always found time to answer my questions.  Having  Ben lead me through the uncomfortable process of filing for bankruptcy made the whole thing completely bearable. I feel so grateful to have found such a kind lawyer, and I would recommend him to anyone.


Ben and his team are the best. He made one of the most unfortunate times of my life ALOT easier to manage. He is always just a phone call or am email away. He treats his clients with so much respect. I can’t say enuff good things about him and his staff!!

Sherry R.

We retained Heston & Heston to assist us with a complex legal situation.  Ben and his staff were always available for us and would take time to ensure we thoroughly understood before proceeding.  The Heston & Heston team really cared about us.  Thank you Heston and Heston!

Derek F.

The past few months have been an unbelievably difficult time, and Ben has gone way over and above the call of duty, making the whole process not only doable and understandable, but frankly possible! I don’t know if any other lawyer would have put in this amount of time and effort. I live in Mumbai, India and Ben would respond to my countless texts at all hours of the day and night. I am truly overwhelmed at the level of calm expertise and professionalism that he and his office operate with and I cannot express my gratitude enough- thank you, Ben, so so much for everything!! You are above and beyond!! THANK YOU!


In addition to being very good lawyers, the Hestons are very nice people! Yes, I recommend the firm unconditionally.

Cheryl M.

Ben took my bankruptcy case pro bono, and it saved my proverbial life! I was at wits end and the doctor I went to set me on his path. He was kind, thoughtful, helpful, and he let me know every step of the way what was happening. He has answered the phone himself every time I called, and answers email promptly regardless of how many need to be added. I’m considered a senior, but Ben never made me feel old or insignificant. I will use Ben any time in the future if I need a lawyer, as I feel the relationship that I have with him is worth his business. I have felt respected and I feel lucky to have been in his capable hands. I would recommend Benjamin Heston in a heartbeat!


Ben Heston was the attorney who managed my matter and I could not have asked for a better attorney to represent me. It has been a very difficult time in my life, but Ben approached my case with compassion and understanding, and did so for an entirely reasonable price. I would recommend him a thousand times over to anyone.

Susan S.